Our Mission: To serve and help the community of Northeast Denver during the COVID-19 pandemic by providing emotional and tangible relief for the duration of the crisis and the inevitable aftermath

Love Northeast Denver is made up of a group of people in our community who recognize the great need in our area during the COVID-19 outbreak. While this time is incredibly uncertain and frightening, Love Northeast Denver seeks to provide support and aid as best as possible to those who have need. In a world that often preaches, “Every man for himself,” we believe that our best resources to get through this crisis are each other.

When the severity of the COVID-19 outbreak became clear, several residents in our neighborhood immediately began putting teams and systems into place in order to help lessen the blow as much as possible for people in our community. This is an unprecedented event for most living generations and the fear that many of us are experiencing is unlike anything we’ve walked through before. The uncertainty of health, jobs, personal finances, the economy and more are all hitting many of us at once.The hope of Love Northeast Denver is to be able to come alongside our community members and remind them that they are not alone and we will get through this together.

Love Northeast Denver’s primary outreach is to our surrounding neighborhoods, being those that fall under the 80216, 80205, 80207, and 80022 (South Commerce City) zip codes. We are working to provide relief by shopping for and delivering groceries, delivering necessary items to those without access, offering childcare to those who have children at home, and giving emotional support and care through check in’s and prayer. We are also allocating funds and physical resources to those in need through our Financial Council.

As many of our team members are followers in Jesus Christ, we know that He is in control of all things. We believe He has called us to be His hands and feet, and as long as we are able we want to love our neighborhood by giving of ourselves and serving others. This outbreak is serious and scary, but we believe that we have not been given a spirit of fear, and while being wise and cautious about the realities of COVID-19 we are still holding true to the commandment to love our neighbor as ourselves.

If you resonate with our mission and would like to partner with us, please head to the “Volunteer” page and fill it out. If you live in Northeast Denver and are in need of help, please click on the “Request Assistance” page and one of our team members will reach out to you shortly.

We have no way of knowing how long this epidemic will last, but for as long as it does we will be here serving our community and helping each other get through it in any way we can.